Story based activity sessions for the under 5s
Storyplaytime Parties are now available! 
Choose from: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Moomins, Peepo!, The Baby's Catalogue, Lion who came to Lunch, Giraffe on a Sleepover and Poo at the Zoo! Contact me for more info! 
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What happens in Storyplaytime sessions?
The sessions can vary in structure depending on what's required, but generally you can expect:
  • A quick introduction and a hello song to start
  • A movement based activity to get everyone warmed up
  • A series of activities, lasting between 3 and 5 minutes, which usually include:
  • Songs with actions
  • Physical games
  • Chants
  • Creating actions from pictures
  • Parachute games
Games are either done as a group, in teams or played one-to-one between child and carer.
  • Storytelling - a traditional or new tale with actions and words to join in with (this is usually the last activity, before goodbyes)
  • A goodbye song to finish
Sessions are generally targeted at the 2-5 age group, but younger and older siblings are always welcome, and often enjoy the sessions just as much!
Sessions can be tailored specifically for any age, however. For example, for children who are pre-language, the focus can be put more on non-verbal activities and using music and other sensory input. Please get in touch if you'd like more information.
Sessions normally last around 45 minutes as this is about as much as most pre-schoolers can manage! However, sessions can be tailored to be longer or shorter as required.
"Feedback has been great, mostly asking for us to do it again next year!" - Louise Gaskell, London School of Economics Literary Festival 
"We were absolutely charmed by Justine's event which so engages and entertains very young children from start to finish" - Tania Vian-Smith, Puffin Books